Human Resources

Faculty Hiring Checklist

Your primary contact for all search matters is Michelle Nadeau (780-5629, FAX 780-5136).

  1. Obtain approval for position through the Position Justification Process.
  2. Email ad to Michelle with a list of places you want to advertise.  Michelle will place all "paid" advertisements.  Free announcemnts will be placed by the department (once ad copy has been approved by Michelle).
  3. Search Committee must review the "tool kit" outlining their roles and responsibilities.  Discuss Candidate Rating Process and develop Individual and Comparative Rating Sheets.  Email Michelle the names of those serving on the committee.
  4. All materials are handled electronically.  Amanda Bradeen will provide instructions.
  5. Prior to doing phone interviews, email Michelle the Summary of Applications and list of those you want to interview.  If you are not interviewing those with the highest scores, please provide explanation.  Semi finalists must be approved before you phone interview.  If your pool is small you may skip to campus interviews, Step 6.
  6. Prior to doing campus interviews, email Michelle the updated Summary of Applications with phone interview scores (if applicable) and highlight those you want to bring to campus.
  7. Do reference checks.  These can also be done earlier in the process (for instance, to help narrow down your pool of applicants).
  8. Email Michelle the final Summary of Applications with campus interview and reference check scores. Provide a summary of your process to choose the finalist (this would be the recommendation you will send to the Dean).
  9. All salaries must be approved by Daryl McIlwain in the Office of Equity and Compliance.  Please use this form when making the request.
  10. Once the finalist has verbally accepted, he/she must fill out our "Application Form for State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Checks" so that we may conduct the criminal background check that is required of every new employee. Send form to Amanda Bradeen.
  11. Send final "rejection" letters to all unsuccessful applicants.
  12. All search-related materials must be submitted to Employment Services where they will be stored for the requisite 3 years.  Amanda will contact you with instructions for submitting the files.