Arts and Humanities


PLEASE NOTE: The University of Maine Board of Trustees has eliminated this program. Currently enrolled students with questions should contact the Dean of LAC for more information.

The Arts and Humanities program is the most versatile and flexible degree program available for students who want both a solid liberal arts education and strong preparation for a wide range of career options.

The major encourages students to be agents of change in a rapidly shifting world and prepares students for careers as diverse as education, print and broadcast journalism, advertising, creative writing, government and politics, social services, and arts management, as well as for further study in a range of graduate programs and professional schools, from law and history to business and labor studies. The courses examine a variety of contemporary and historical issues, and do so in ways that make the past more relevant and the present more understandable.

The major includes four concentrations that lead to teacher certification in the areas of: K-8 General Elementary, Secondary English, Secondary Social Studies, and Dual Secondary English and Social Studies.  For more information on these concentrations, click here.

Humanities courses integrate such fields as writing, history, African-American literature, photography, geography, Franco-American society, popular culture, native and indigenous issues, critical theory, gay and lesbian studies, religion, evolutionary biology, and ethnic studies. Certain threads run through all courses, from local, regional, and global issues to philosophy and creative thought. Classes feature small group work, discussions, and written work designed to encourage critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills necessary to advance professionally and contribute meaningfully as members of our multicultural society. We engage students with information literacy, offering courses in blended, online, and hyper-flexible formats. Our focus is to prepare students to be active, productive citizens of the world.