Interfaith Chaplaincy

Location and Hours

Religious & Spiritual Life is moving!  Starting in the Fall, 2013, we'll have space in the Woodbury Campus Center, with an office for small group and individual meetings with Chaplains and Advisors, and a room set aside for prayer or meditation.  That space will be available for indiviudal or group use on a drop-in basis or by arrangement.  The adjacent office will be shared by the Chaplains and Advisors, and will provide private space for confidential conversation.  As part of Portland Student Life, Religious & Spiritual Life in Woodbury Campus Center lifts up the value of religious diversity to our campus community, as to the world community.  Space in lower Brooks Student Center provides access to Religious & Spiritual Life on the Gorham campus. 



Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Religious and Spiritual Life Updates - Fall 2013

Religious and Spiritual Life Updates - Fall 2013


With the recent retirement of Andrea Thompson McCall, there have been some changes with USM's Religious and Spiritual Life program (previously known as the Interfaith Chaplaincy).

Previously located in the historic Deering Farmhouse at 23 Brighton Ave, the program is now housed within Portland Student Life in the Woodbury Campus Center.  The chaplains and advisors have formed the Religious and Spiritual Life Council, chaired by Rabbi Hillel Katzir and Rev. Rus Willette.  Sarah Holmes, Assistant Director for Student Life and Diversity, will be serving as the administrative liaison for the Council.

Additionally, there is a new meditation and interfaith prayer room in Portland Student Life, that students, faculty, and staff may access during regular business hours.

Any help that you could provide in helping students connect with our programs in our new home, would be greatly appreciated.


Sarah Holmes, Administrative Liasion

Rabbi Hillel Katzir and Rev. Rus Willette, Council Co-Chairs