Interfaith Chaplaincy

Supporting Religious and Spiritual Life in all its Expressions

USM Religious & Spiritual Life (formerly Interfaith Chaplaincy) provides support for all members of the university community in religious and spiritual development as well as interfaith respect, appreciation, and cooperation. 

Our work is guided by these goals for student learning as a result of participating in our programs:

Students will learn

  • to clarify their own beliefs and values;

  • to connect their beliefs and values to their choices and actions; and

  • to understand and relate respectfully to those whose beliefs and values are different from their own.

Chaplains and Advisors from diverse religious and spiritual traditions offer services and support for learning and for deepening students' own spiritual journeys.

Interfaith programs provide opportunities for the USM community to come together from different religious and spiritual perspectives, find common ground, and address community issues from  religious/spiritual perspectives.

Student Organizations around common religious identity offer connections and activities with others who share the same tradition, background, or religious/spiritual interests.

University Liaison serves as a conduit between the Chaplains and Advisors, and the University.  The Liaison maintains sponsorship letters from the affiliated religious and spiritual communities, and helps to coordinate the activities of the Religious and Spiritual Life Council.

Religious and Spiritual Life Updates - Fall 2013

Religious and Spiritual Life Updates - Fall 2013


With the recent retirement of Andrea Thompson McCall, there have been some changes with USM's Religious and Spiritual Life program (previously known as the Interfaith Chaplaincy).

Previously located in the historic Deering Farmhouse at 23 Brighton Ave, the program is now housed within Portland Student Life in the Woodbury Campus Center.  The chaplains and advisors have formed the Religious and Spiritual Life Council, chaired by Rabbi Hillel Katzir and Rev. Rus Willette.  Sarah Holmes, Assistant Director for Student Life and Diversity, will be serving as the administrative liaison for the Council.

Additionally, there is a new meditation and interfaith prayer room in Portland Student Life, that students, faculty, and staff may access during regular business hours.

Any help that you could provide in helping students connect with our programs in our new home, would be greatly appreciated.


Sarah Holmes, Administrative Liasion

Rabbi Hillel Katzir and Rev. Rus Willette, Council Co-Chairs