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Common Core

LAC Common Core

How, Then, Shall We Live?
Citizenship in a Global Society

General Education at USM's Lewiston-Auburn College is
The Lewiston Common Core (LCC)

LAC Common Core Diagram


LCC—At a Glance

Learning Foundational Skills

  • LCC 110: College Writing
  • LCC 123 or 345: College and Community I (for students with fewer than 24 credits) or College and Community II (for transfer students with more than 24 credits)
  • LCC 150: Statistics for Informed Decision Making

Examining Multiple Perspectives

  • LCC 130 or 230: The Biology of Human Health w/ Lab or Environmental Science, Policy, & Sustainability w/Lab
  • LCC 200:  Creative Critical Inquiry into Modern Life
  • LCC 220 or 320:  U.S. Democracy:  Origins & Development or Sustaining Democracy
  • LCC 250: Thinking about the Arts, Thinking Through the Arts                              

Understanding Diverse Experiences and Contexts


  • SBS 345: Diversity: Many Voices; additional courses to be designated in 2014-2015 USM catalog


  • Waived for Academic Year 2013-2014; courses to be designated in 2014-2015 catalog

Integrating the Liberal Arts with Professional Preparation


Lewiston Common Core Themes

At a moment of increasing global interconnectedness, LAC faculty invite our students to join us in exploring four critical challenges in our contemporary world:

  •  Justice:  How do we live and make decisions with a sense of fairness and compassion?
  • Sustainability:  At a time of increasing demand for limited resources, what must we know, and how must we live in order to sustain the earth, our communities, and our common future?
  • Democracy: how do we keep the inclusive spirit of democracy alive in our world, in ourselves and in the ways we work with one another?
  • Difference:  how can we learn from and work with the differences among us for the benefit of all?

Drawing on Lewiston-Auburn College’s unique interdisciplinary curriculum, the Lewiston Common Core includes a set of unique courses and provocative learning experiences intended a) to strengthen students’ knowledge and skills; b) to enable them to advance in their careers; and c) to function effectively in their work lives, as community members and as citizens of the world.

LCC’s Focus on Cultivating Student Abilities

Students matriculated in an LAC major are required to complete the Lewiston Common Core, a curriculum designed to

  • foster the knowledge and abilities students need to be effective in their personal and civic life and to be successful in their chosen career
  • provide opportunities to become a better speaker and a stronger writer
  • help students learn to find, evaluate, and utilize information
  • teaches students how to carefully think through complex questions in light of their social, cultural and historical contexts
  • emphasize connecting academic study to personal life and career choices
  • encourage students to become more clearly aware of their values and aspirations
  • cultivate the habits of mind and heart that we all need to live lives guided by a sense of social responsibility and ethical citizenship.

Advising and Registration

If you have questions about Lewiston Common Core advising and registration, please contact Lynsey Wood at lwood@usm.maine.edu or call LAC Student Success at 753-6536.

 If you are advising students completing the USM Core, please contact Susan McWilliams at smcwilms@usm.maine.edu or 207-780-4755 or Student Success at 780-4040.

If you are advising students who matriculated prior to Fall 2011 consult the appropriate catalog year in the undergraduate catalog

2013-2014 LCC catalog section

The USM Core and the Lewiston Common Core are both guided by the same vision, goals and outcomes that we hold for all of general education at USM.

Go to: www.usm.maine.edu/core for more information on the USM Core.