Lewiston-Auburn College

Hum 301 French North America

HUM 301: French North America Who were the first Europeans in Maine?  Why is Illinois so hard to spell?  What is Mardi Gras?  Why is Cajun Country like The County?  What do Beyoncé, Buffalo Bill and Paul Revere have in common?

Students will gain a broad understanding of the history and culture of French-speaking peoples in North America, from the colonial period to the modern era.  Students will encounter not just the well-known communities in French Canada and Haiti, but other smaller communities in North America.  Students will discover a variety of French cultural arts, including cuisine, music, art, theater and literature.  In particular, students will discover Franco-Americans in New England and Maine, and how the local Franco-American community is part of a larger community of American Francophones.  3 credits, online Instructor: James Myall