Lewiston-Auburn College

LOS 333 SBS 399 Portfolio Development Special Topics

The LOS333 Portfolio Development/SBS399 Special Topics course is offered to adult learners who are preparing an academic portfolio, documenting their college-level knowledge, competencies, and abilities. The course  guides students through the process of documenting and communicating their prior learning in the area of leadership and organizational studies, social and behavior sciences and other areas with approval.

The students’ documentation proves their understanding of and competence in the subject matter. In a highly participatory manner, students will prepare the major sections of the portfolio including the letter of intent, resume, detailed summary of their learning experiences along with appropriate examples and evidence. Additionally, students will enhance their skills at recognizing the prior learning of others, e.g. potential employees or committee members, and develop their knowledge of and ability to reflect on their professional, community and volunteer knowledge.

At the end of the course, students will follow the usual portfolio registration and assessment process in which faculty review the portfolio to determine credits earned, either in lieu of particular courses or generally for non-course specific credit.

For more information please contact Sharon Timberlake