Lewiston-Auburn College

SBS 307 and HUM 399 Midlife and Adult Development Unfolding Stories

SBS 307/HUM 399: Midlife and Adult Development: Unfolding Stories
Wednesdays, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Midlife  ….Crisis ?   …Stagnation ?  …Transformation?       

Caught up in the many demands and responsibilities of early and middle adulthood, sometimes we lose sight of the varieties of new growth and development that can occur during this time.  This class will examine the ongoing challenges and opportunities for development throughout the adult years, with emphasis on “midlife.”   There will be a menu of assignment options from which to choose according to individual professional and personal interests.  
Course readings incorporate imaginative literature, Jungian psychology, and the history of midlife in America, along with more traditional developmental psychology chapters. This course should be of interest for those working professionally with adults in any context, as well as for everyone in the midst of adult development - their own and that of family and friends!
SBS 307 satisfies the "Developmental contexts" category for the Counseling concentration.

Instructor: Jan Hitchcock, Ph.D.

FMI: email hitch@usm.maine.edu