Lewiston-Auburn College

SCI 199 Science and Art of Brewing

Students in this course will immerse themselves in the world of craft beer through the history of this ancient beverage and the science of creating it in a modern brewery. Students will experience beer's
creation, the chemical, biological, and physical processes central to fermentation and brewing, beer's many sensory subtleties, while also developing ideas central to the business of marketing and operating a brewing business.

The course will meet in a working brewery in downtown Lewiston, providing hands-on opportunities to observe and participate in the brewing process. To put their new knowledge and skills to work, students will work with professional brewers to design and create their own beers on a small, homebrew-scale system, and with one of Maine's leading brewery owners, work to conceive marketing and sales plans for them.

Brewery personnel and L/A College faculty from the relevant fields will bring the many facets of the world of beer together in this truly interdisciplinary course. (Must be 21 year or older to regiser for this course)

Cr 3-4

For more information, please contact Dan Stasko.

To register or questions about registering please call the LAC Student Success office at 753-6536.