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Vanessa Veilleux

Vanessa Veilleux

Vanessa Veilleux, Arts & Humanities

Vanessa VeilleuxFor Vanessa Veilleux of Greene, the future came down to a simple question: “So this is it?”

The transition from high school to college had not gone well. Veilleux found life in college too impersonal an experience. So she came home and went to work. Two years later, her father asked, “So this is it? You’re going to work at the store and the restaurant, and that’s it, right?”

The question was asked without anger or spite. But it stung nonetheless. “I was like, ‘No that’s not it. That’s not the end of my story.’”

With her father’s help, Veilleux discovered Lewiston Auburn College.

“At the open house, I felt at home immediately. They basically said, ‘You don’t need to be doing what you’re doing,’ ” she says. “They really wanted me to come to school.”

Veilleux found a strong personal connection to LAC faculty. She calls it a key to success for students like her. “Professors are happy to know as much about you as you’re willing to tell them,” she says. “If you open the door for them, they want to step in.”

As an Arts and Humanities major, she studies topics such as philosophy, history, and geography. She has learned to think critically and see the possibilities that life presents.

She has particularly enjoyed her studies with Associate Professor Barry Rodrigue and the Franco-American Collection. She worked as an editor with Rodrigue on his anthology, Voyages: a Franco-American Reader.

Along the way, she’s learned her own life story is far from over.

“I’ve been given access to a much bigger world,” she says, “and that’s so exciting. I mean, that’s the point of college, right?”