Leadership Studies

Service Learning Online

Fall LOS 350 online students with Prof. Betty Robinson undertook the first LOS fully online service learning project with the Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL).  ICL is based in Portland with the mission of expanding “Maine’s civic capacity by training, supporting, engaging, and convening a growing network of skilled leaders.”  They work hard to ensure that everyone understands how vital civic leadership is to the success of non-profit boards and municipalities.  Additionally, they support the development of leaders from all sectors of our communities regardless of age, ethnicity, or other differences.

With ICL guidance, LOS 350 students worked in small groups to research, survey, and interview leaders from business, municipal, non-profit, and cultural communities.  Students assessed the challenges to and the opportunities for ICL to add its efforts to those of local organizations working on developing young, emerging leadership in the greater L-A region.  Using technology such as Google Docs and Blackboard Collaborate, students were able to complete and present a full report to ICL leaders at the end of the Fall semester. ICL now plans to move forward with this work and has asked some of the students to help them.  Once again, LOS students make real differences in Maine communities while developing their own leadership knowledge and skills – even when they can only be together online!