Special Collections

Reproduction Policy

Special Collections supports the needs of its patrons by providing reproductions of its materials. Reproduction fees cover costs of staff time and material. We will offer two methods of reproducing material, photocopy and digital reproduction. Our services are dependent on our staffing and equipment. Whether material can be reproduced will be decided on a case-by-case basis with the physical protection of the material as the most important factor.

Fees of less than $2.00 may be waived at the department's discretion.

  1. The patron selects material and reproduction is authorized by Special Collections staff. Verbal agreement is sufficient for small jobs. For larger jobs a Reproduction Form must be filled out.
  2. If the material is to be used in a public forum a Permission to Use Form must be filled out and signed before copies are delivered.
  3. The Special Collections staff will schedule the work and arrange for its receipt.
  4. Fees must be paid before work is delivered. (Note: checks should be made out to the University of Southern Maine.)

Schedule of fees and services:

  1. Photocopying:

    a. All work will be done by Special Collections staff.
    b. Price: USM Libraries Photocopy fee plus $.05 per page for more than 10 pages.

  2. Digital files:

    a. Creation of files:

    $2.00 per image file in tiff, pdf or xpsformat
    $2.00 per page for an editable file

    b. Transmitting files:

    $2.00 for the cost of a CD (we will not provide any other type of disc) plus
    $2.00 for first file and $.25 for each additional or
    $2.00 minimum for emailing files plus $0.25 per file

  3. Use Fees:

    a. not-for-profit use, $40
    b. for-profit use, $100

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