The director, Robert Atkinson, has published four books related to the Commons' activities:

  • Thumbnail image of 'Remembering 1969' coverHis memoir, Remembering 1969: Searching for the Eternal in Changing Times (2008);
  • Thumbnail image of 'The Life Story Interview' coverThe two methodologies, The Life Story Interview (1998), and
  • Thumbnail image of 'The Gift of Stories' coverThe Gift of Stories: Practical and Spiritual Applications of Autobiography, Life Stories, and Personal Mythmaking (1995); and,
  • Thumbnail image of 'The Beat of My Drum' coverThe autobiography, in collaboration with Babatunde Olatunji, The Beat of My Drum (2005).

These are all available at

He has also produced two educational videos:

  • Thumbnail image of 'Starting Over' coverStarting Over: Understanding and Supporting Refugee and Immigrant Experiences, and
  • Thumbnail image of 'Gabriel Women' coverGabriel Women: Passamaquoddy Basketmakers.

The books and videos listed above can be ordered by contacting the Commons.

Additional Resources

This is the start of a list of additional resources designed to assist anyone in writing or better understanding the power of life stories: