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Linguistics at USM provides a rigorous undergraduate education focused on the nature, organization, acquisition, and origins of human natural language. The Linguistics major provides three pathways:

*Nationally accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education since December 9th, 2009.
The linguistics major consists of linguistics courses designed to foster a deep understanding of human natural language (spoken and signed), including an appreciation of the structure and organization of natural languages, the variety of natural languages, the commonalities that underlie the vast apparent differences among languages, the processes of language acquisition in children, the psychological and neurological bases of language use, and the form and significance of social variation in language. 

The goals of the linguistics major are 1) to help each student develop an understanding of the nature of natural language, 2) to help each student develop a foundation of more specialized expertise relevant to the student's career goals, and 3) to help each student compile a record of achievement that will facilitate the student's search for employment or further education.

News & Events

Conor McDonough Quinn, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Linguistics, was named to the Portland Press Herald's 2013 list of "Ten Mainers to be Thankful For".
Dr. Deborah Chen Pichler will present on Gallaudet University's graduate program and a lecture that will discuss the following questions: how learning a sign language as an L2 different from learning it as an L1? How is second language learning in a new modality different from the more typical case of learning a second language in the same modality as your first one?  Monday, November 4th from 12-2:30p in 133 Wishcamper Center, USM Portland Campus
Join us to meet visiting professor from Linguistics Department at Gallaudet University, Dr. Deborah Chen Pichler. She will give an overview of the Gallaudet Linguistics Graduate program, research projects, and give a lecture on "Learning ASL as a 2nd Language." Monday, November 4th from 12-2:30p in 133 Wishcamper Center on the Portland Campus.
Dana McDaniel and Cheri Lozoraitis [Linguistics Major, graduated in 2012] were authors on a paper that was published in a Speech & Language journal: [McKee, C., McDaniel, D., Garrett, M. F., Lozoraitis, C., and Mutterperl, M. S. (2013) Articulation rate: Effects of age, fluency, and syntactic structure. Revista de logopedia, foniatría y audiología, 33, 55-63.]