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Jazmyn Sylvester-Cross, a junior majoring in Linguistics, has been awarded a 2015/16 UROP fellowship for her project, How language production pressures affect wh-question structures: A cross-linguistic study. Her mentor is Professor Dana McDaniel.
Shadow actors with hearing actors
We are proud to announce that many of our Linguistics students are part of the Department of Theatre's shadowed performance of As You Like It. ASL shadow-signed productions offer Deaf and hard-of-hearing audience members the experience of theater without having to watch a sole interpreter on the side of the stage. Every speaking actor is shadowed by a signing actor and they are integrated seamlessly into the story.
Tatiana Romanchishina, Linguistics Graduate, featured in a CBS Evening News story about participating in Cyber Security Lab & Class.
The USM Department of Linguistics is very pleased to introduce a new member of its faculty. Regan Thibodeau is joining the full-time faculty as a Lecturer in ASL and Deaf Studies. She will be teaching courses in ASL, Deaf culture and interpreting.
Brenda Schertz has left USM to accept a position at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY.
13 students graduated from the USM Linguistics program in May 2014.  Here faculty are congratulating students at commencement.
13 students graduated from the USM Linguistics program in May 2014. Here faculty are congratulating students at commencement.
Conor McDonough Quinn, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Linguistics, was named to the Portland Press Herald's 2013 list of "Ten Mainers to be Thankful For".
Dr. Deborah Chen Pichler will present on Gallaudet University's graduate program and a lecture that will discuss the following questions: how learning a sign language as an L2 different from learning it as an L1? How is second language learning in a new modality different from the more typical case of learning a second language in the same modality as your first one?  Monday, November 4th from 12-2:30p in 133 Wishcamper Center, USM Portland Campus
Join us to meet visiting professor from Linguistics Department at Gallaudet University, Dr. Deborah Chen Pichler. She will give an overview of the Gallaudet Linguistics Graduate program, research projects, and give a lecture on "Learning ASL as a 2nd Language." Monday, November 4th from 12-2:30p in 133 Wishcamper Center on the Portland Campus.
Dana McDaniel and Cheri Lozoraitis [Linguistics Major, graduated in 2012] were authors on a paper that was published in a Speech & Language journal: [McKee, C., McDaniel, D., Garrett, M. F., Lozoraitis, C., and Mutterperl, M. S. (2013) Articulation rate: Effects of age, fluency, and syntactic structure. Revista de logopedia, foniatría y audiología, 33, 55-63.]
11 Participants from Maine went to Seabeck, Washington [an hour south from Seattle], to participant in a one week volunteer experience interpreting and guiding Deaf-Blind individuals at a retreat. After several courses of training offered here by Deaf-Blind and Deaf trainers, students have been serving as guides since the inception of Independence Without Fear program two years ago.


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