Department of Linguistics


Two students, Sean Fletcher and Erik Van Till, who took the Field Methods course this past spring, have developed a Nicaraguan Sign Language Grammar book and are currently working with Deaf teachers in Nicaragua.
Dana McDaniel creates an alien language movie made for DVD: "AE: Apocalypse Earth."
Lauren Chisholm presented "Relative Syntactic Weight and Atypical of-genitive Construction Choice" at GLEEFUL2013
Dr. Conor McDonough Quinn, documentary linguist and adjunct faculty member in Linguistics, spoke at TEDxDirigo on overcoming barriers to language acquisition.
Two linguistics students are participating in a Campus Ventures commercialization project that is aimed at applying computational linguistic tools to the improvement of software requirements engineering.
NOT YET Ready program featured in Maine-Lines newsletter.
USM ASL Instructor Brenda Schertz is featured in the Austin Fox news channel for her participation in ASL Fest hosted at the Texas School for the Deaf
Two USM undergrads to present a talk at an international meeting in Kyoto on the evolution of language.
USM ASL Club and Linguistics Department announce the 10th Annual Maine Deaf Film Festival
Lavender Languages & Linguistics Conference: Advancing Social Justice in Times of Crisis | American University, Washington, DC


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