Literacy Education

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Literacy Education Graduate Courses Credit Syllabi
EDU 511: Children's Literature 3 pdf
EDU 513: Adolescent Literature 3 pdf
EDU 514: Improving Teaching in Content Areas Through Literacy 3 pdf
EDU 516: Early Care and Education Policy 3 pdf
EDU 517: Early Language and Literacy Learning 3 pdf
EDU 518: Using Literature to Support Learning in Young Children 3 pdf
EDU 519: Curriculum and Instructional Design: Early Language and Literacy 3 pdf
EDU 521: Digital Literacies and Education 3 pdf
EDU 557 Teaching Writing to Multilingual Learners
3 pdf
EDU 558 Content-Based Curriculum for English Language Learners
3 pdf
EDU 559: Aspects of Reading for Multilingual Learners 3 pdf
EDU 561: Aspects of the English Language 3 pdf
EDU 562: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom 3 pdf
EDU 563: ESL Testing and Assessment 3 pdf
EDU 600: Research Methods and Techniques 3 pdf
EDU 607: Teacher Research in Literacy 3 pdf
EDU 620: Reading Development and Instruction 3 pdf
EDU 621: Literacy Problems: Assessment and Instruction 3 pdf
EDU 622: Designing and Managing Literacy Instruction, PS-3 3 pdf
EDU 626: The Writing Process 3 pdf
EDU 634: Seminar in Literacy Research 3 pdf
EDU 635: Seminar in Second Language Literacy 3 pdf
EDU 638 Advanced Second Language Acquisition 3 n/a
EDU 639: Practicum in Literacy Education 6 pdf
EDU 665: CAS Directed Study (CAS Capstone Course) 3-6 pdf
EDU 699: Independent Study Var. pdf