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Bulk Mailing Alert!

Bulk or Third Class Mailings are now being processed by outside vendors and it is important for Mail Services to receive information from your Department about these mailings.  A list of Mail Vendors can be found below under Helpful information on new process. 

I have attached a form below to forward to the Mail Services Department whenever your Department sends out a mailing through a vendor or Marketing and Brand Management.

**New Bulk Mailing Information Form

                 **Helpful Information on New Process

If you have any questions regarding the Bulk Mailing Process please call Jean at Ext. 4288 and we will be glad to help you.


Mail Services is located in Upton Hall in Gorham - ext 5258 and at 501 Forest Avenue ext 4288 in Portland.

Mail Services distributes all inter and intra campus mail as well as US Postal Service mail along with packages received from carriers such as U.P.S., FedEx and others;  Mail Services also posts outgoing departmental mail and packages.  We must have a PeopleSoft Barcode to process any outgoing mail.  All personal mail requires a stamp.  The use of University postage for private use is prohibited by U.S.M. policy and Maine State Law.  Personal stamped mail 13 oz and above must be taken to the post office to be mailed by the sender according to current Postal Regulations.  The staff of the campus mail centers will consult with any department preparing or designing mailing pieces to assure that they comply with USPS regulations.


As of May 31 2011 the US Post Office requires that all bulk mailings be processed electronically and meet minimum sorting standards.  You may contact Alexandra Munier Ext 4774 for assistance with Bulk Non-Profit Mailings.    Please see our FAQ for more information.


**Please note that we have a limited supply of color paper stock available when we have depleted our stock of paper we will not be replenighing it.  Please send us your orders for color paper today and we will gladly fill it for you.

Central Supply Orders are processed through the Mail Services Department at each campus location.  Please use the printable form on this page and email or fax it to the campus mail center closest to you.

Portland Campus

 Gorham Campus


  • Central Supply Form - in excel to save this form - open it - fill it in and save it as a new xcl document and then you can E-Mail or Print it and Fax it to us at 5171.  Please send Portland Orders to Jean Cavanaugh.  Please Send Gorham Orders to Tim Wall or (Greta Tucker When Tim is out of the office).

  • Customs Form for USPS (NEW)Use this form for all International Packages and Documents being mailed out.  Fill it out on-line and print it to send to the mail center with your package.

  • Instructions for Customs Form - Please print these instructions out to aid you in filling out the USPS Customs Form that is required for all International Packages and any Flats weighing 13 Oz. and more.