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Richard Barringer Ph.D.

Chair, Metropolitan University Steering Group
Richard Barringer Ph.D.


230 Wishcamper Center, Portland

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 780-4418

Research Interests: sustainable economic development, education policy, political communications, and state policymaking

Professor Barringer has taught Foundations of Public Policy, Sustainable Communities, and Environmental Policy, and is principal investigator for the EPA's New England Environmental Finance Center. He served in the administrations of three Maine governors, as commissioner of conservation and director of state planning; and is the author of numerous books, reports, and landmark Maine laws in the areas of land use, education, the environment, energy, economic development, and tax policy. He organized two recent Blaine House Conferences, on Maine's Natural Resource-based Industries and on Maine's Creative Economy, the results of which are available on the State of Maine website. Among his recent publications are the edited "Toward a Sustainable Maine: The Politics, Economics and Ethics of Sustainability" and "Changing Maine, 1960-2010" (Tilbury House, Gardiner. 2004) based on the Maine Public Radio lecture series of the same title.