Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Classics Courses Spring 2012

Classics Courses
pring 2012

Courses requiring no knowledge of Greek or Latin:

CLA 171         Etymology for Everyone                   MW 11:45-1:00 Aicher (Portland)

The majority of English words are formed on Greek and Latin word roots. This course is a systematic study of the most important of these roots, and of the historical and linguistic processes by which the English language came to be enriched by Greek, Latin, and other languages. No prerequisites. Cr. 3

CLA/ARH 321 Art, Architecture and Archaeology of the Ancient World
T TH 11:00-12:15 Uzzi  (Gorham)

This class explores the art, architecture, and archaeology of ancient Greece and Rome. Areas of investigation may include body image/ideal, architecture and politics, art and power, gender and sexuality, and mythology. Students will be expected to respond in written form to secondary literatures. This course is equivalent to ARH 321.

Prerequisites: ENG 100; one CLA course or one ARH course, or permission of instructor. Cr 3.

CLA 292         Rome: Republic to Empire                MW 2:45-4:00 Aicher (Portland)

Rome, from Republic to Empire is an introduction to the civilization of the Roman world. The course's interdisciplinary approach, which includes study of literature, history, politics, philosophy, and art and architecture, exposes students to a variety of sources for and perspectives on ancient Rome. No prerequisites. Cr. 3

Greek and Latin Courses:

GRE 102         Beginning Ancient Greek II            MWF 10:15-11:30 Aicher (Portland)

This course is the continuation of GRE 101 and provides students with the final grammatical elements necessary to begin reading ancient Greek. Prerequisite: Greek 101. Cr. 4

GRE 470         Independent Study in Ancient Greek  TBA Instructor permission only. Cr. 3

LAT 102         Beginning Latin II                            MWF 10:15-11:30 Uzzi     (Portland)

This course is the continuation of LAT 101 and provides students with the final grammatical elements necessary to begin reading ancient Latin. Prerequisite: Latin 101. Cr. 4

LAT 252/470 Intermediate Latin Literature         T TH 1:15-2:30  Uzzi (Portland)

Readings in Catullus, Caesar and Cicero.

Prerequisite: Latin 251 or equivalent. Cr. 3