Maine Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health


Welcome to the web site of USM's new Maine Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health.

The mission of the MCTEH is to contribute to national and statewide efforts to study environmental contaminants and reduce their effects by assembling a critical mass of researchers and resources at USM.

Environmental toxicology and epidemiology have been chosen as the two main research areas of focus for the MCTEH.   USM is the physical and programmatic locus of the Center, but the MCTEH includes investigators from the following institutions and governmental agencies:

   Bates College
   Bowdoin College
   Colby College
   Foundation for Blood Research
   Maine Medical Center
   Maine State Bureau of Health
   Maine State Department of Agriculture
   Maine State Department of Environmental Protection
   University of Maine
   University of New England
   University of Southern Maine

Academic departments at USM that are collaborating in this effort include Applied Medical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Policy, Natural and Applied Sciences (Lewiston-Auburn College) and Psychology.

The creation and staffing of the MCTEH is made possible by statewide funding for research and development, which is provided at USM through its Research Initiatives.

USM Members include:

AbouEl‑Makarim Aboueissa, Mathematics and Statistics, USM
Luci Benedict, Chemistry, USM
David Champlin, Biological Sciences, USM
Clare Bates Congdon, Computer Science, USM
Doug Currie, Biological Sciences, USM
S. Monroe Duboise, Applied Medical Sciences, USM
Kreg Ettenger, Geography and Anthropology, USM
Nancy Gordon; Chemistry, USM
Bhisham Gupta, Mathematics and Statistics, USM
David Harris, School of Nursing, USM
Thomas Knight, Biological Sciences, USM
Samantha Langley-Turnbaugh, Environmental Science, USM
Ike Levine, Natural and Applied Sciences, LAC, USM
Erika Lichter, Applied Medical Sciences, USM
Daniel Martinez, Environmental Science, USM
Kim Moody, School of Nursing, USM
Lisa Moore, Biological Sciences, USM
Julien Murphy, Philosophy, USM
Ah-Kau Ng, Applied Medical Sciences, USM
Firooza Pavri, Geography and Anthropology, USM
Chris Paulu, Applied Medical Sciences, USM
Stephen Pelsue, Applied Medical Sciences, USM
Cheng Peng, Mathematics and Statistics, USM
Caryn Prudente, Chemistry
Rob Sanford, Environmental Science, USM
Christopher Scott, Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences, USM
Susan Sepples, School of Nursing, USM
Judith Spross, School of Nursing, USM
Joe Staples, Environmental Science, USM
Doug Thompson, Applied Medical Sciences, USM
Travis Wagner, Environmental Science, USM
Blake Whitaker, Natural and Applied Sciences, LAC, USM
Theodore Willis, Environmental Science, USM
Karen Wilson, Environmental Science, USM
John Wise, Applied Medical Sciences, USM
Peter Woodruff; Biochemistry, USM
Hong Xie, Applied Medical Sciences, USM
Julie Ziffer, Physics, USM