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Newcomer ETEP is designed to recruit language-minority candidates with experience and aptitude for teaching, and to facilitate their entry/advancement in the profession through provision of appropriate supports, professional development, and certification through the Extended Teacher Education Program ( ETEP).  Students gain admission into the program based upon their background experience, credentials, prior education, and English proficiency. Individuals may have been teachers in their countries of origin and/or currently work as educational technicians and language facilitators.Students must have a BA degree and demonstrate strong commitment to becoming a teacher.


Goals of the Newcomer ETEP:  

--to recruit linguistically and culturally diverse paraprofessionals who aspire to become teachers.

--to assist aspiring paraprofessional and other qualified bilingual personnel to upgrade teaching skills and meet high professional standards through a two-year teacher education program.

--to provide tuition & related financial  support for minority teacher candidates to complete are coursework, internships, and prepare for teacher certification.

Newcomer ETEP participants are selected on the basis of excellence. The program for prospective and new teachers culminates in baccalaureate and master's degrees, meeting state certification requirements. Applicants to Newcomer ETEP must show evidence that they can, with support and services provided by the program, become strong candidates for ETEP and, ultimately, well-qualified teachers. Applicants will be pre-screened on the basis of their applications, educational backgrounds, prior teaching experience, and English language abilities.  A team of USM and Portland Public School personnel will make admission decisions.


Newcomer ETEP applicants will be required to provide:

--transcripts of previous post-secondary work;

--references who can address their potential for success in the program and in teaching; and

--proof of successful experiences working with children.

Teacher Certification Phase:
As a result of enrolling in USM's Extended Teacher Education, non-certified minority educational candidates will be able to complete courses and internships required for certification. The ETEP program is highlighted by a full year of classroom internship combined with 33 graduate credits in education. The university courses are designed to align with school-based practices and experiences. The ETEP program is highly competitive; the program strives to prepare teachers to meet the needs of particular school districts in which interns are placed. Each year more than 90 interns are selected from a pool of approximately 180 applicants.

Official test scores on the Praxis I:
Academic Skills Assessments exams in Reading (176), Mathematics (175), and Writing (175) are part of the admissions requirement to the ETEP program. These three tests are required for State of Maine teacher certification, and, are required for admission to ETEP.

Newcomer ETEP provides comprehensive support programs for its participants to qualify and ultimately succeed in obtaining their teacher certification within a two-year time frame. Newcomer ETEP is a modified two-year program; a head start to the ETEP program. Students accepted into the Newcomer ETEP program take university courses part-time for three semesters and full-time along with the internship in the fourth semester.

Students are selected by teams of university and school faculties on the basis of a complex application and admissions process. All applicants to the Newcomer ETEP program must show evidence of:

  • high academic achievement   
    (baccalaureate  degree, transcripts, scores on graduated school admission tests)
  • potential for success in graduate work 
    (recommendations, writing samples)
  •  interest in and commitment to teaching (essay, references, interview)
  • experience working with school-aged children 
  • understanding of the American educational system and current issues in education 
  • strong foundation in teaching disciplines 

The program goals and objectives will be accomplished in collaboration among the principal partners: Portland Public Schools' Office of Multilingual and Multicultural Programs; USM's Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP). Newcomer ETEP program is funded through the US Department of Education to support and build Maine minority teacher candidates and population of qualified educators.

For more information, or to request a Newcomer ETEP Application, please contact:

Multicultural Education Programs
Linda Evans, Director
University of Southern Maine
School of Education & Human Development

The Extended Teacher Education Program 
gives us the opportunity to be teachers again, 
to be with the kids ..... the only job I can do well!