School of Music

Summer Camp FAQ

I'm starting something I've wanted to do for a long time, and I'm going to ask all parents to help keep me on track. These are frequently asked questions that may be helpful to you. If one parent has unanswered questions, then surely others do as well. So, I hope you find this helpful, and that your camper has the best summer musical or theatrical experience ever.

Best wishes,
Lori Arsenault
Performing Arts Operations and Concert Manager
Summer Camp Coordinator
USM School of Music / USM Department of Theatre


Where can I send a care package to my camper?
Send to camper's name, c/o USM School of Music, USM Summer Youth Music and Theatre Camps, 37 College Avenue, Gorham, ME 04038.

What should my camper pack for camp?
That is different for each camp. We issue a camp letter for each camp prior to coming. If you need the list before you can find it, feel free to write to me and I'll send it to you.

Can the campers bring an iPhone?
Yes, campers can bring iPhones, but they will not be allowed to use them inappropriately. They can not use them during rehearsals, and should primarily use them for contact with family, and as alarm clocks and metronomes. They can be used in a limited way to stay in touch with friends, but campers should primarily be socializing with their new friends at camp. Any kind of inappropriate communication while at camp, such as cyberbullying, is cause for immediate dismissal.

When does final payment have to be made?
Two weeks prior to the start of camp, along with the complete medical and parental consent forms. Make payments here
Download consent forms here

Can I just bring the final payment and consent forms to check-in?
No, the reason that we need your forms in advance is so that I can prepare the camp directors and head counselors for who they will have in their sections, who has any special dietary or medical needs, AND who doesn't. When there are forms still outstanding, we have to make many revisions to the rosters and staff books in order to keep track of your children. There are many weeks of work that takes place before camp, and in order for check-in to be smooth and pleasant, and to be assured that all campers and staff have what they need on the first day of camp, we absolutely must have your materials at least two weeks in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.