2014 - 2015 Muskie Student Organization Candidates

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CPD - nominees

Sam Brend

Please tell us why you are interested in becoming involved with MSO

As a current CPD MSO officer I am actively involved with the changes that are occurring within the Muskie School. I am invested in bringing about changes that will benefit all of us in the future. Having current experience as representative will help with continuing to make valuable connections and plans in the future year. I believe there is more we can do as a student body to prepare ourselves for our future education and career choices and also enjoy our education along the way. I hope to help make that happen.

Adam Higgins

Please tell us why you are interested in becoming involved with MSO 

I have faithfully served the interests of the graduate student body as a CPD Representative during the 2013-2014 school year and look forward to a working head start on the 2014 - 2015 school year.  

 MPH – nominees

Nikole Busmanis 

Please tell us why you are interested in becoming involved with MSO 

The Muskie Student Organization is a wonderful representation of this school. It allows the opportunity to collaborate, to organize, and to express the needs of the students. I am interested in participating and working with MSO so that I can represent my peers and work among faculty members. I have a background in public relations and have experience throughout my education in student government and student programming. I am currently a graduate assistant in my second semester of the MPH program and feel comfortable with the faculty here and my colleagues in the program. I look forward to this opportunity! 


Leigh Raposo

Please tell us why you are interested in becoming involved with MSO

Muskie Student Organization (MSO) would create an opportunity for me to give back to USM. I want to help USM improve its service to students and to help the MPH program become better known. What's in it for me? Working on MSO events will help me to refine my team building skills which I am motivated to improve. I will learn more about my major because I will be more closely connected to faculty. I welcome this opportunity to serve and gain these benefits.

PPM - Nominees

Christopher Hopkins

Please tell us why you are interested in becoming involved with MSO 

As an undergraduate economics student at USM, I had a longing and interest to expound on the ideas and concepts learned in my courses. So, I invited classmates and professors to my apartment for free forming discussions about the wide array of philosophies and applications we were learning about in the field of economics -- in a safe and exploratory atmosphere. The sessions grew, and before I knew it I had started the BSO student group, Students of Economic Interest (SEI). My years as president of SEI produced some of the most fond memories and friendships of my life. I believe discussing philosophy, politics, current events, etc. among peers to be an extremely effective method to develop an oratory prowess and to concretize iron clad arguments. My understanding is that the MSO was developed for reasons similar to those that inspired me to form SEI. The prospect of once again belonging to such an intellectual community greatly excites me. I would be thrilled to use my experience and enthusiasm for community to support the MSO.

Jennifer Nelson

Please tell us why you are interested in becoming involved with MSO 

The Muskie School of Public Service and the Public Management Program are in a time of change. It is the responsibility of us, the students of Muskie to ensure that the administration stays committed to the mission of Muskie and quality education during this time of budget cuts and layoffs. In my final year at Muskie I want to work with MSO and the administration to be part of the solution to ensure the strengthening of Muskie in the years to come. As a representative to the MSO I will also work to connect us together as students with more frequent events and gatherings and to actively reach out to alumni in hopes of keeping them more connected with our program.

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