2013 Graduate Student Capstone Projects and Dissertations

Master of Public Health Program

Joanna Aronica
, “Evidence-Based, Best Practice Workplace Interventions to Reduce Overweight and Obesity Rates among Employees in One Maine Organization: Identification of Strategic Models”
Capstone Advisor: Brenda Joly

Anne-Michelle Arless, "Opportunities for Munjoy Hill”
Capstone Advisor: Elise Bolda

Emily Weston, “Assessment of Mental Health Policies and Services At the University of Southern Maine (Portland and Gorham campuses)”
Capstone Advisor: David Lambert

Mary Lou Ciolfi, “Diffusion of POLST Education in Maine: Successes, Challenges, and Opportunities”
Capstone Advisor: Elise Bolda

Elizabeth Rogers, “Members in Mind: Consumer Education Strategies & CO-OP Insurance Plans”
Capstone Advisor: Elise Bolda

Community Planning and Development Program

Lee Carleton, “Geotechnics and Regionalism: The Lineage of Thought from John Wesley Powell to Benton MacKaye and Their Impact on Planning” 
Capstone Advisor: Mark Lapping

Celeste Bard, “A Comparative Analysis of Resident Services with its Affiliation to Affordable Housing”
Capstone Advisor: Yuseung Kim

Abe Dailey, "Land-cover metrics and water quality in the Presumpscot watershed"
Capstone Advisor: Yuseung Kim

Bryan Hill, “Facilitated Modeling for Transportation Equity in the Portland Maine Transportation Region”
Capstone Advisor: Charlie Colgan

Karen Purinton, “Recommendations for the City of South Portland's Energy Action Plan”
Capstone Advisor: Charlie Colgan

Marla Stelk, “The Role of the Creative Economy in Sustainabilty Planning & Development: Balancing Quantitative and Qualitative Benefits”
Capstone Advisor: Lisa Morris

Emily Reinholt, “Arts & Culture in Lincoln County: a strategy for economic development”
Capstone Advisor: Charlie Colgan

Public Policy and Management Program

Stephanie Desrochers, "Managing Social Security Disability & Other Public Benefits: Development of a Guide for Consumers and Providers"
Capstone Advisor: Josie LaPlante

Barry Lucier, "A Comparative Analysis of Funding for Judicial Services in Maine: Levels and Trends, 1996-2010"
Capstone Advisor: Josie LaPlante

Alex Yakovleff, "Studying Community Vitality & Sense of Place: Developing a Citizens' Self-Assessment Instrument and Observer’s Handbook (Phase 3)"
Capstone Advisor: Josie LaPlante

Robyn Dumont, “Impact of Parent-Child Gender Matching on School Engagement” on May 20th
Capstone Advisor: Lisa Morris

Emily Thielmann, "Diversity and Motivations among Volunteers in Nonprofit Youth Development Programs”
Capstone Advisor: Bruce Clary

Staci Beal, “The Government Service Technological Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Governments in regard to E-Government Implementation and Advancement”
Capstone Advisor: Carolyn Ball

Doctor of Public Policy Program

Barbara Granville
, “The Personal and Professional Characteristics of Master Therapists and Matched Controls”

Dissertation Committee:
Barbara Fraumeni, Chair
Professor Kate Forhan
Professor Zark VanZandt