Casco Bay Estuary Partnership

Casco Bay Estuary Partnership

In 1990, following Casco Bay's designation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an "Estuary of National Significance," the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership (CBEP, formerly Casco Bay Estuary Project), hosted by the Muskie School, was formed to protect and restore the water quality and fish and wildlife habitat of Maine's Casco Bay ecosystem while ensuring compatible human uses. The Partnership consists of municipal officials, state and federal agencies such as EPA and Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and quasi-governmental organizations like Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District (CCSWCD), non-governmental organizations such as the Friends of Casco Bay (FOCB) and the Presumpscot River Watershed Coalition (PRWC), local businesses and interested citizens. CBEP implements and coordinates more than 30 projects in the five priority areas of the Casco Bay Plan: water quality and stewardship, habitat, stormwater, clam flats and swimming beaches, and toxic pollution. Annually for the last ten years CBEP has recieved up to $600K per year from EPA to fund the implementation of the Casco Bay Plan through CBEP. This funding covers multiple projects which are listed here with "CBEP" in the title. In 2006, CBEP was also one of the sixteen watersheds across the nation to receive a Targeted Watershed Grant which is focusing on the Presumpscot River. Additionally, CBEP was awarded the National Coastal Assessment Grant, which has supported and coordinated the training and tracking of water quality along Maine's Coast for over twelve years, the New Meadows Tidal Restoration Feasability Study, and the Smelt Hill Dam Restoration Buffer Restoration grants. Please see our website ( through the link below for historical documents, data and more information concerning the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership.

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