Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

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Improving Care in a Rural Region with Consolidated Imaging

1/1/2004 - 1/29/2006
Principal Investigator: 
Andrew Coburn

Muskie staff worked with Maine Medical Center to collect data to achieve the following goals: 1) Implement a regional, consolidated approach to Picture Archiving and Communincation Systme (PACS) using a partnership model within a rural health network; 2) Evaluate the process of implementation, including the technological, clinical, economic, environmental, and cultural factors that impeded or accelerated the proces. 3) Quantify the impact of the Consolidated Imaging (CI)-PACS regional implementation on health care access, cost and quality.

Start Date: 
Thu, 2004-01-01
End Date: 
Sun, 2006-01-29
Legacy Muskie ID: 
2 991

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