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Wraparound Maine Evaluation Report: Survey Results from Community Collaborative Boards


The Wraparound Maine Initiative relies on community collaborative boards (CCB) to play a major role in developing policies, ensuring that all eligible children/youth are being served, and leveraging local resources. To assess their progress to-date, evaluators from the Muskie School for Public Service at the University of Southern Maine administered an online survey to all known board members in February 2008. Seventy-three board members completed the survey (36%). A high majority had served on their board at least 6 months and up to one year. They reported experiencing many successes and challenges during implementation. The majority offered recommendations for improvement.

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April 1, 2008

MYTC 2014 Celebration

Colby Swettberg, May 2014, MYTC

Every year the Maine Youth Transition Collaborative brings together youth and adult partners from around Maine to celebrate the year's achievements and milestones.

MYTC’s fourth annual celebration dinner was held at the Brunswick Hotel and Tavern on May 13, 2014. Over seventy young adults, adult partners, professionals, legislators, adoptive families, and friends came together for an evening of fun, renewed connections, learning, and good food.

The importance of mentors in the lives of young people was the theme for the evening. The keynote speaker, Colby Swettberg, Executive Director of Adoption and Foster Care Mentoring in Boston, was introduced by Jacob Hills. Ms. Swettberg talked about what good mentor-mentee relationships look like for youth in foster care and led a discussion about best practices and challenges to bringing youth and mentors together.

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