Heather Shattuck-Heidorn

Doctoral student, researcher, and proud mom

Heather Shattuck-Heidorn

Heather graduated with a degree in Geography-Anthropology in 2009 and she is currently working on her PhD in Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. Her research is focused on understanding diversity in immune functions through working with populations who have experienced different pathogen environments. She is also interested in how sex and gender have been understood in evolutionary biology, as well as ethical practice in biological anthropology. Heather and her husband live in Massachusetts with their young son, and she often daydreams of moving back to Portland one day.


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"Profile of Rural Residential Care Facilities: A Chartbook" (authors: Jennifer Lenardson, Eileen Griffin, Zach Croll, Erika Ziller, and Andrew Coburn)

"Integrated Care Management in Rural Communities" (authors: Eileen Griffin and Andrew Coburn)

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