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Metropolitan University Steering Group Charge:

To this end, the Metropolitan University Steering Group is established to advance the metropolitan university idea at USM. Its goal is to recommend a strategy and implementation plan that will make the Metropolitan University concept the strategic focus of USM going forward, one that will  maximize its impact within USM and with its community partners and afford competitive advantage to position USM for growth and success serving the metropolitan region and, by extension, the State. One benchmark of this success will be USM’s qualifying in 2020 for the Carnegie Foundation’s Community Engagement Elective Classification. 

In particular, the Steering Group will address the following tasks, without limit:

  1. Develop a definition and vision statement that is appropriate to USM and will inform the job description for the forthcoming presidential search, and provide continuity through the presidential transition
  2. Identify strategies to increase faculty and student engagement and to attract students to USM based on this new vision of community-based learning and engagement;
  3. Define appropriate targets and benchmarks for years 1 through 5; and assessment measures, including key indicators of desired outputs, impacts, and outcomes (ref. Carnegie Classification for Engaged Campuses);
  4. Recommend institutional policies that will advance this effort and maximize its impact, including appropriate incentives, rewards, and recognitions for desired behavior and outcomes;
  5. Recommend the necessary and appropriate organizational/coordinating infrastructure, internal and external, and including a standing planning, assessment, and oversight body;
  6. Identify potential foundation partnerships, priority topic areas for focus, and cohorts of faculty and student leaders who may serve as mentors; and
  7. Plan and organize a September USM roll-out convocation, and an October visit by faculty and staff to the annual CUMU meeting at Syracuse U.

Theo Kalikow, President

June 3, 2014


New Metropolitan University Leader

Associate Professor Lynn Kuzma

Associate Professor Lynn Kuzma has been named Interim Executive Director of the Metropolitan University initiative. She will lead a team comprised of students, faculty, staff, and community leaders aspiring to improve education at USM through partnerships with the Greater Portland and Lewiston/Auburn communities.

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