Metropolitan University

Steering Group Members

Metropolitan University Steering Group Members:

Richard Barringer, Muskie, Chair

Luci Benedict, Chemistry, Faculty Senate

Meredith Bickford, Professional Staff Senate

Libby Bischof, History

Rachel Cormier, Student Representative

Kim Dominicus, Classified Staff Senate

Barbara Edmond, Maine Philanthropy Center

Cathy Fallona, Education

Kyle Frazier, Student Body President

Marcel Gagne, L/A College Advisory Committee

Dennis Gilbert, Communications

Ken Gross, Graduate Assistant

Chris Hall, Portland Regional Chamber

Kristi Hertlein, Classified Staff Senate

Lynn Kuzma, Political Science

Rob Sanford, Environmental Science

Scott Schnapp, Maine Association of Nonprofits

Martha Scott, Professional Staff Senate

Michael Shaughnessy, Art

David Swardlick, School of Business Advisory Board

Liz Turesky, Leadership Studies, Faculty Senate


Resource Persons. The following will provide support in the areas indicated:

Student Experience: Joy Pufhal

Evaluation & Assessment: Susan King

Infrastructure: Dahlia Lynn

Budget: Ryan Low

Development: Cecile Aitchison

Marketing: Tracy St. Pierre

Outreach: Glenn Cummings

Facilitation: Jack Kartez

Coordination: Martha Freeman

Research/Admin Assistant: Emma Gelsinger

Community Engagement: Paula Gerstenblatt

Community Engagement: Michelle Vazquez-Jacobus

New Metropolitan University Leader

Associate Professor Lynn Kuzma

Associate Professor Lynn Kuzma has been named Interim Executive Director of the Metropolitan University initiative. She will lead a team comprised of students, faculty, staff, and community leaders aspiring to improve education at USM through partnerships with the Greater Portland and Lewiston/Auburn communities.

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