2014 Outstanding Senior Award Recipient Maija Robbins--Academic Achievement with CSTH Dean Anderson and at CSTH Awards Ceremony.
Kelsey Lavallee, Outstanding Senior Academic Achievement award co-recipient 2013, with Dr. Deborah Johnson at CSTH Award Ceremony
Maria Popescu presents research poster at Association for Psychological Science, May 2013, Washington D.C.
Psychology Majors Chris Ross and Michael Church present research at Thinking Matters 2013
Psychology Major Elizabeth Greene presents research at Thinking Matters 2013
Psychology major Acacia Wakefield presents research at Thinking Matters 2013.
Psychology Major Naomi Smith presents research at Thinking Matters 2013.
Graduating Senior Psychology Majors Lauren Goudreau, Tany Walker and Anna Kantolak get ready for commencement (2013).
Graduating Senior Psychology Majors preparing for Commencement 2013.
Commencement 2013 -- graduating psychology majors Kate McDonough, Peter Morneau, Lauren Goudreau, Michael Church, and Cassandra Lyons.

The Department of Psychology offers a bachelor of arts degree through the College of Science, Technology, and Health. Though psychology is both a behavioral science and a helping profession, most psychologists agree that graduate school is the appropriate site for professional training. As an undergraduate psychology major you will be introduced to the scientific study of basic psychological processes, principles and theories. There will not be an emphasis upon acquiring professional counseling skills.

News & Events

Dr. Thompson awarded 2014-2015 Provost Research Fellowship. His research project will explore the links between family socioeconomic status and cognitive development.
John Broida recently spent a week in Kansas City grading Advanced Placement Tests in psychology. He also took a tour of the Mass School of Professional Psychology as part of his role as the treasurer of the New England Psychological Association. That group is having its annual meeting at Bates College (Lewiston, Maine) in October.
Dr. Elizabeth Vella
Dr. Elizabeth Vella has been making amazing new discoveries in the field of stress reduction; which could prove beneficial to breast cancer patients and combat veterans.