Leadership Studies

4+1 in Leadership Studies

Career Options

Leadership Studies graduates have many career options.  For example, they work as Social Entrepreneurs, Development Directors, CEOs, International Delegates, Human Resource Consultants, and Global Knowledge Managers in organizations as varied as Korn/Ferry International, the American Red Cross, Bates College, World with US, the Department of Labor, Mechanics Savings Bank, and Deloitte to name just a few.

The Leadership Studies 4+1 option allows qualified undergraduate students (in any major) to complete a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies degree in five years.

Students pursuing this option focus on bachelor degree requirements during the first three years, a mix of bachelor and graduate requirements in the fourth year, and exclusively graduate requirements in the fifth year.

The LOS 4 + 1 undergraduate path comprises at least 80 credits usually completed after approximately three (3) years of full time study. Complete all college core and academic major degree requirements and fill out the 4 + 1 concentration form. Please note that declaring the 4+1 concentration does not guarantee acceptance into MLS and that a separate application process is required.  The MLS application should be completed when the student has at least 80 credits that meet the requirements of the LOS 4+1 checksheet. Once a student is accepted to MLS, their status becomes “Admitted” which means they are still undergraduate students; however, they are then able to take the four 500-level MLS courses.  

If interested in pursuing the LOS 4 + 1 option, talk to your faculty advisor, and/or call (207) 753-6536 to set up an advising appointment with a Student Success advisor at USM Lewiston/Auburn College. 

For a list of all LOS and MLS courses, including a full course rotation schedule, please click here.

Students are required to maintain 3.0 GPA or higher and possess prior organizational experience. A minimum of 108 undergraduate credits and 36 graduate credits are required to complete both degrees.

Students may apply for the 4+1 option at the start of their junior year and enroll in graduate courses after a minimum of 90 credit hours of undergraduate course work has been accumulated.

Students wishing to progress through the graduate program in five years should take LOS500: Foundations of Leadership I and LOS550: Cultural Contexts during the fall semester and LOS501: Foundations of Leadership II and LOS512: Deliberate Creativity and Innovation during the spring semester of their fourth year of study.

 4+1 Student Schedule:

 Shared Senior Year Fall: 500, 550

Apply for Graduate Admission to the Masters in Leadership Program using the online application.

 Shared Senior Year Spring: 501, 512

After admission to the MLS Program

 Summer One: 610, 2 electives (one fulfilling the second context requirement)

 Fall Two: 611, 688, elective

 Spring Two: 689, elective