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Welcome back, WGS!

Women and Gender Studies at USM has always offered students the opportunity to study the lives, ideas, and actions of women throughout history, to explore new ways of thinking about gender, and to participate meaningfully in the Greater Portland community of scholars, writers, artists, health workers, politicians, and activists. A signature program at USM—the first and still the most robust Women’s Studies program in the state—we pride ourselves both on our scholarly excellence and on our contemporary relevance: as a capstone project, students either write a thesis supervised by a team of interdisciplinary scholars, or spend a semester working with one of our many community partners, of which we have over fifty. You can see who these partners are by clicking “WGS ENGAGED,” a link to your right. This year, in line with changing priorities at USM, we will be expanding our already healthy list of internship possibilities. But remain assured that USM WGS students will still have the benefit of a first-rate education by active, publishing scholars with connections to a wide academic network, along with access to regional and statewide businesses and non-profit organizations.

Along those lines, visitors to 94 Bedford Street might see some new faces this semester. We have hired Samaa Abdurraqib (PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison) to teach one of our Intro classes. Samaa, who comes to us from Bowdoin, is currently serving as the Reproductive Freedom Organizer for the ACLU of Maine.

In keeping with the theme of engagement, we’re also beginning to develop an exciting programming schedule, which will be unrolled at a welcome reception next month. In the meantime, let us know how we can help make your reentry go smoothly. Lauren and I are here to help. And you know we have tea.

All the best,

Lucinda Cole, Director of Women & Gender Studies

Prof. Lucinda Cole


News & Events

The Women and Gender Studies Program Alumni Association will host faculty, staff, affiliated scholars, and students on Friday, Dec 12th from 5-7:30PM at Congress Squared, 157 High Street, Portland, ME. Visit: http://www.congresssquared.com/ to join together and celebrate the end of 2014. Please join us!
Kim Stallwood
Kim Stallwood, author of Growl: Life Lessons, Hard Truths, and Bold Strategies from an Animal Advocate will be speaking on the USM Portland Campus at 7:30PM on November 15, 2014 in Talbot Lecture Hall (first floor of Luther Bonney Hall). The lecture is being sponsored by the Maine Animal Coalition, the Maine Friends of Animals, and USM's Women and Gender Studies Program. The event is free & open to the public.
WGS Students
On August 22, feminist faculty, affiliated scholars, WGS students and alums will gather at the Bayside Bowl, 58 Alder St, in Portland to collaborate, celebrate and network.