USM Public Safety

  Emergency Line: Dial 911 from any on-campus phone to reach Public Safety dispatch in an emergency.  A call placed to 911 from a cell phone will be answered by the Maine Department of Public Safety Communications Center and will be forwarded to USM Police.

Emergency call boxes:  Calls placed from the Emergency Call Boxes placed around the campus and elevators will come into our dispatch center on the 911 line and will be answered immediately.  An officer will be dispatched to your location.

 Business Line: For non-emergencies please call our business line at 207-780-5211.

USM Public Safety is responsible for providing police services on our Portland and Gorham campuses. Public Safety also includes the Communications Division and  Parking and Transportation.

The USM Police Department is a full service police agency, staffed by Maine Criminal Justice Academy certified police officers.

Our personnel are available to serve you at all times and are dispatched from our headquarters on the Gorham campus.

Our offices are located at:


Sullivan Gym, 21 Falmouth Street
Phone: 207-780-5211 FAX: 207-780-5696

(Office is not staffed by support personnel, in case of an emergency call 911 if you wish to speak with an officer on a routine matter  please call 780-5211 and an officer will meet you there if not in the office.)


 Public Safety Building, 28 Husky Drive

Phone: 207-780-5211 FAX: 207-780-5696

Parking Offices  

Parking Garage on level One, 88 Bedford Street (Portland)
Phone: 207-780-4718     FAX: 207-228-8055
Hours of operation: Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Public Safety building, 28 Husky Drive (Gorham)

Phone: 207-780-4458      FAX: 207-780-5696

Emergency:  Dial 911

Calls received from any campus phone, will be answered by the USM Public Safety Dispatcher.

Calls received from cell phones will be answered by the State Police in Gray and will be transferred to USM Public Safety.

Calls received by any non-campus phones other than cell phones will be answered by the Cumberland County dispatch and will be transferred to USM Public Safety.

Lewiston Campus Emergency:  Dial 911

For non-emergency calls, you may reach the Lewiston Police or Fire Department at                      207-784-6421.

U.S.M. Alert

"U.S.M. Alert" is the University's text and email notification system for emergency alerts, weather closings and other critical information for the University community.

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News & Events

Parking Permits are now available!
Portland Police are looking for the public’s help after a sexual assault in Back Cove Monday morning. In a news release, police say a woman had just finished a jog around Back Cove at around 10:20 AM and returned to her car. When she got in her car a man was sitting in the passenger seat. Police say the man sexually assaulted her. She fought with him and hit the horn, and he left. The man is described as white, heavy set and about 50 years old. He was balding, had poor hygiene and may have had tattoos on both forearms. Other people in the lot may have witnessed the attack. If you were in the area, and especially if you saw a man enter or exit a small red car, please call Portland Police detectives at 207 874-8575. Police urge drivers to keep their cars locked and take their keys with them if they use the trails.
In light of recent crimes committed in downtown Portland, including a mugging near Merrill Auditorium and thefts of purses etc. on downtown streets, we are sending this Campus Safety Alert for your safety.