The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHS) is the public liberal arts college of Maine’s cultural and professional center. We offer our diverse community of learners a high quality, affordable education with opportunities for engaged research, scholarship, and creative activity under the mentorship of a distinguished faculty. Our strong liberal and fine arts programs provide the heart and soul of the undergraduate experience at the University of Southern Maine. 

News & Events

The new year brings many new and exciting visual and performing arts events to USM.
USM Theatre, performing and visual arts, University of Southern Maine
USM offers a bright array of performing and visual arts for November!
USM University of Southern Maine Art Department Arts in Education Portland Public Schools
Youth in Action: Side x Side and USM have been awarded a $1.9 million Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination (AEMDD) grant to use for a four-year-long, arts-education program, titled “Project Imagine,” in the Portland Public Schools.

USM Scholarships

Scholarships Portal

USM offers scholarships to in-state and out-of-state first year students, continuing undergraduates, transfer students, graduate students and adults completing their degrees.

"Slavery and Public History" Exhibition

USM English students are examining the connection between public memory and African American history.

USM Visual and Performing Arts

USM Visual and Performing Arts

USM presents a variety of concerts, plays, musicals and exhibitions, in addition to lectures, panel discussions and master classes.