School of Nursing

David Harris PhD, BSN

David Harris PhD, BSN


325 Masterton Hall, Portland Campus

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 228-8178

Credentials, degrees schools attended:

1990  Ph.D.- Physiology & Biophysics, University of Vermont Medical School

1979  Certificate - Anesthesia, Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Anesthesia

1975  B.S.N - Nursing, Salem State College School of Nursing

Professional Presentations

November, 2005 3nd UMS Diversity and Interdisciplinarity Conference, Farmington, Maine: Hypertension & Congestive Heart Failure in African Americans: Race in the Age of Genomic Medicine. D.E. Harris.

June, 2006 86th Annual Meeting of American Society of Mammalogists, Amherst, Massachusetts: GIS-Based analysis of harp seal (Phoca groenlandica) and hooded seal(Cystophora ceistata)stranding locations in the Gulf of Maine. D. E. Harris & S. N. Gupta.

September, 2006 New England American Studies Association Regional Meeting, Portland, Maine: Hypertension in the African American community: Race in the age of genomic medicine. D.E. Harris.

October, 2007 Maine GIS User Group Annual Meeting, Portland, Maine: Use of GIS in health-related research. D.E. Harris.

October, 2007 Annual Scientific Meeting of The Obesity Society, New Orleans, LA: Examination of beverage consumption in Maine high schools students after elimination of school sources of soda. J. Whatley Blum, C.M. Beaudoin, L.M. O’Brien, D.E. Harris, M. Polacsek, & K. O’Rourke.

November, 2008 Invited presentation to the Maine State Department of Environmental Protection, Augusta, Maine: Use of wood as a heating fuel in Greenville, Maine. D.E. Harris.

January, 2009 Bates College Public Works in Progress series, Lewiston, Maine: Community Food Assessment: Mapping food insecurity in Lewiston. M. Jacobus and D.E. Harris.

April, 2009 36th Maine Biological and Medical Sciences Symposium, Salisbury Cove, Maine. Woodstove use in rural Maine: Implications for air quality. D.E. Harris, N. Anderson, and M.E. Davis.

November, 2009 137th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Impact of Maine's state-wide nutrition policy on the sale of foods of minimal nutritional value" in high schools. J.W. Blum, C. Beaudoin, L. O'Brien, M. Polacsek, D. E. Harris, and K. O'Rourke.

Courses taught:

Human Anatomy & Physiology (2 semester sequence with labs); Advanced Pathophysiology; Pathophysiology (2 semester sequence); Human Genetics; Comparative Animal Physiology; General Biology (non-majors course with lab); Neuroanatomy & Physiology; Perception & Cognition; What Is “Race?”; HIV/AIDS- Biology, Social Policy & the Law; The Evolution of Human Cultures; What is Sex?

Research Interests

Since coming to the University of Southern Maine in 1995, I have conducted research directed at understanding chronic disease risk – with a focus on Maine’s population. I have conducted multiple studies assessing the impact of cardiovascular disease risk reduction programs among veterans and in Rural Maine, and I have used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to understand the factors associated with the high rates of chronic disease and the spread of infectious disease in the region. I am currently using GIS to explore the spatial aspects of the food environment that contributive to or deter healthy eating. I am collaborating on a project to determine the impact of the availability of soda for purchase near schools on the dietary practices of Maine High School students, and on a Community Food Assessment in Lewiston, Maine.

Recent Publications

Gupta, S., D.E. Harris, N. Carrier, and P. Caron. Predictors of student success in entry-level undergraduate mathematics courses. College Student Journal. 40(1):97-108, 2006.

Harris, D.E., R. Mosher, S. Gupta, and M. Bampton. GIS-based Analysis of Harp and Hooded Seal Sightings On Shore in the Southern Gulf of Maine. Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics. 9(2):267-285, 2006.

Harris, D.E. and S. Gupta. GIS-Based Analysis of Ice-Breeding Seal Strandings in the Gulf of Maine. Northeastern Naturalist. 13(3):403-420, 2006.

Lelli, B. & D.E. Harris. Seal Bounty and Seal Protection Laws in Maine, 1872 to 1972: Historic Perspectives on a Current Controversy. Natural Resources Journal. 46(4):881-924, 2006.

Vazquez-Jacobus, M. & D.E. Harris. Mapping Hunger in Maine: A Complex Collaboration. Academic Exchange Quarterly.  11(4):202-209, 2007.

Harris, D.E., D. Hartley, & A. Aboueissa. Myocardial infarction and heart failure hospitalization rates in Maine, USA – variability along the urban-rural. Journal of Rural and Remote Health.  Posted: July 14, 2008.

Lelli, B. D.E. Harris, & A. Aboueissa. Seal Bounties in Maine and Massachusetts, 1888 to 1962. Northeastern Naturalist. 16(2):239–254, 2009.

Hamel, L. & D.E. Harris. License to screen: A new mobile intervention program. Nurse Practitioner. 34(6):42-47, 2009.

Harris, D.E., A. Aboueissa. M. Vazquez Jacobus, Jigna Dharod, & K Walter. Mapping food stores & people at risk for food insecurity in Lewiston, Maine. Journal of Extension. 48(6):1-14, 2010.

Whatley Blum, J., C.M. Beaudoin, L.M. O'Brien, M. Polacsek, D.E. Harris,  & K. A. O'Rourke. Impact of Maine’s state-wide nutrition policy on high school food environments. Preventing Chronic Disease. 8(1)1-10, 2011.

Harris, D.E., J. Whatley Blum, M. Bampton, L. M. O'Brien, C.M. Beaudoin, M. Polacsek, & K. A. O'Rourke. Location of food stores near schools does not predict the weight status of Maine high school students. Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior. 43:274-278, 2011.

Harris, D.E., L. Hamel, A. Aboueissa, & D. Johnson. A cardiovascular disease risk factor screening program designed to reach rural residents of Maine, USA. Journal of Rural and Remote Health. Posted: August 5, 2011.

Harris, D.E., S. Roy, and S. Mayberry. Outdoor Smoke-Free Policies in Maine. Maine Policy Review. 21(2):92-100, 2012.

Harris, D.E., M. Bampton & A. Aboueissa.Two methods that define the scale of obesogenic environments: A case study of Lewiston–Auburn, Maine. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 8:11–21, 2013.

Harris, D.E., A. Aboueissa, K. Walter, & M. Bampton. Predictors of food insecurity in Lewiston, Maine: A community-level analysis. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 9:96–112, 2014.


Houston, C., D.E. Harris, & E. Zeeman. Going Higher: Oxygen, Man and Mountains.  The Mountaineers Books. 2005.