School of Nursing

Student Nurse Organization


The purpose of SNO is to promote faster development of leadership skills and build community among the students, faculty, and staff of USM. This goal is attained through participation in various health-related projects, community service, fund-raising events, and by expanding awareness of both state and national nurses associations. SNO’s purpose is to serve as a resource for its members, nursing and non-nursing students, all campuses of USM and the greater Portland communities through varied events and projects.


Membership Eligibility. Membership is open to all undergraduate, graduate, accelerated, and options students of the University of Southern Maine without requirement of any local chapter dues. If national membership is desired, a fee will have to be paid. Membership is open to any other individuals whom the organization chooses to invite. Faculty is welcome at group meetings.

Benefits of SNO:

  • Meet students from other parts of the program        
  • Networking
  • Attend National Conventions
  • Community Outreach
  • Be a member of a national association
  • Build your resume!
  • Study groups/group activities/homework help
  • Stress Relief
  • Be a part of a community
  • Grow as a person

Can't go to every meeting? That’s okay! Let us know and we will work with you and keep you in the loop.

Chapter Advisor: Cynthia Randall

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National Student Nurse Association (NSNA):

With a membership of 60,000 nationwide, the National Student Nurses' Association mentors the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance.

Benefits of becoming a member

  • Scholarship opportunities (FREE $$!!)
  • Employment opportunities
  • Attend national conferences (First one is April 9-13 in Nashville Tennessee! We will be sending 12 members to this conference!)
  • Career Building
  • Access to professional role models
  • Networking
  • Look snazzy at graduation with a special NSNA chord and pin!