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Last year there were 351 internships for the College of Science, Technology & Health
After School Programs raise aspirations for college -- Be a role model!
Start serving YOUR COMMUNITY today!
Building a Healthy Community Mural Project
Building a Healthy Community Mural Project Fall 2009
Students share their Fall 2013 urban water service-learning projects!


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What is Engaged Learning?

Engaged Learning gives students the opportunity to gain valuable experience, explore career directions, develop global citizenship skills, give back to the community, and apply and explore personal and academic interests.  Internships, service-learning courses, practica, and community service are all essential parts of the USM experience.

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The graduate assistant who accepts this position will have the unique opportunity to contribute to the development of engaged learning as a component of USM’s designation as a metropolitan university.
USM Day of Service
USM and The Office of Engaged Learning had a big academic year! Attached you will find the 2013-2014 Academic Year Annual Report from the Office of Engaged Learning

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