Community Engagement and Career Development


The office of Community Engagement and Career Development asks USM students and faculty to report community-based work. Your information will be sent directly to a member of our staff.  We appreciate being kept informed about your work as it helps us better tell the story of engaged learning at USM.

Students: If you volunteer in the community, are enrolled in service-learning course, mentor or tutor in an afterschool program, participated in a Day of Service, or if you have an internship in a non-profit setting, please help USM track and share your efforts by filling out the brief Community Engagement Report at the end of the semester or the end of your service project, whichever comes first.

Faculty: If you teach a service-learning course or courses, please complete the brief Community Engagement Report at the end of each semester.  At this time, you need to complete the survey for each S-L course. This will be changing soon -- thank you for your time!