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What venues do you use?

Posted on October 23rd, 2009 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Sharon Sokoloff, OLLI at Brandeis University Asks OLLI:
If your OLLI has classes and/or otherwise meets in more than one space/place/building - what are the types of spaces you use in your community, e.g., churches, temples, senior centers, other?  Please share all the venues you use, if there is a cost, and how it has worked for you program.  Thanks.

4 Responses to “What venues do you use?”

  1. Sharon,

    We use churches, local community college continuing education site classrooms, retirement center, educational telecommunications building, on-site at studios or workplaces.
    Churches are usually a flat fee per meeting time.
    Community College is per person per contact hour but very minimal cost.
    Retirement Center - no charge
    educational telecommunications bldg - cost per session for room use

    On-campus we are required to pay for parking permits so depending on course enrollment limit it is sometimes to our advantage to meet at off-site locations because it is more cost effective.

    So far these arrangements have worked well and have met our needs.

    Dee Aguilar
    OLLI at UNL

  2. Sharon,
    With eight OLLI sites throughout Vermont we use a variety of venues, including: museum(rental fee); churches(rental fee),senior center(no fee), state buildings(no fee), college campus(no fee), libraries(rental fee),resort(no fee), arts center (rental fee). These are all different, but all have adequate audio/visual, adequate and comfortable space and (the big one) free parking.
    We are in the process of developing an on campus program. Finding dedicated on campus space with parking is huge challenge.

    Deborah Worthley
    OLLI at University of Vermont

  3. We conduct two classes at the Extended Ed. Center on the other side of the county. We conduct classes at 4 different senior centers around the county, and one publuic library. Finally we conduct a class at a Women’s CLub facility. Our principle is to pay no parincipal - we pay no rent for facilities. Thyey are happy to have us as partners in fulfilling their obligation to their community. Parking is free and plentiful at all locations, and the rooms are good. Not all have all the equipment we would like, so we have purchased a coupple of laptops and projectors that faculty bring with them as needed.

  4. When we use space off campus we only look for space that we do not have to pay for. So far we have had luck with places that our members frequent alot…(a neat grill down the road from Furman and a bookstore downtown have conference rooms they love for us to use.) Two retirement communities are loving our using their space for classes since all the people we bring into their space are potential residents. (Which helps with the great customer service they provide our instructors and members—from offering coffee, to upgrading their sound systems!) The other set of off campus classes we use are places of business that are offering classes for use like the Museum of Art, Beading and Jewelry Making, Stain Glass, Various Art classes…we bring them the customers they are more than happy to open their doors. But remember we don’t offer that many classes off campus, but the ones we do we never have to pay for. Sell them on what the members will bring to their places of business.

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