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Membership Committees

Posted on December 11th, 2009 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Elena Marciano, OLLI at the University of Pacific Asks OLLI:

Please share ideas of some of the duties assigned to Membership Committees.  We’re looking to better utilize ours.

4 Responses to “Membership Committees”

  1. #1 by: Adam Brunner

    Hi Elena,

    Our membership committee in Philadelphia, PA:

    1. assists with registration of new members,
    2. distributes new Membership Cards and provides new members with general information, as well as answers any questions
    3. monitors member satisfaction through the “Suggestion Box” and passes on recommendations to the appropriate committees or staff
    4. organizes and holds a breakfast for new members every year
    5. contacts members from last year who did not renew this year to make sure they are okay and to find out if there is anything we can learn about how to improve the program.

    Adam Brunner
    Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
    Temple University

  2. Elena,
    Some similarities to Temple.
    Our Membership Committee:
    1. Does the “mailings” for recruit each semester and confirming registration and classes. (Staff prepare everything for them.)
    2. Planning/putting on “recruit new member” Open House.
    3. Plans/puts on New Member Orientation each semester - informal, warm, casual, informative.
    4. Over time has created and improved our “lottery algorithms” for courses that are oversubscribed. For years we did this the “old fashioned way” - a bowl with names in it. Several years ago we computerized it so with the flick of a switch….This was a very intellectually challenging exercise and they did a great job.
    5. Follow-up phone calls to members who don’t get any courses when the lottery is done - working to get them into classes that are good fits.
    6. Have done surveys of why folks left the program but don’t do it regularly. Great idea from Temple.

  3. OLLI at The University of Alabama
    Tuscaloosa, AL

    The OLLI Membership Committee members serve as speakers to civic or church group meetings, mans a booth at various events to hand out OLLI course descriptions and literature, works at community sponsored events, and appears on a local TV program. The committee members serve as greeters at our social events/Open House. At the beginning of our new year, the committee members make phone calls to those who have not renewed their membership (note: membership year is Sept – Aug).

  4. Our membership committee focuses on:
    1. Calling every new memebr each term and welcomign them to OLLI @ Furman, inviting them to our welcoem coffee each term and then calling them back at the end of the term to see how their OLLI experience was.
    2. Set procedures for “hot” member issues. (For example, Memorials for Deceased members, procedures for Cancellation/No Shows for Bonus Trips, registration process review,
    3. Coordinate and assign class liaisons for every class that the instructor indicates a need.
    4. Assign a volunteer manager to oversee the Office volunteers and registration volunteers.
    In general this committe is in place to help the staff and council determine the best way to meet the needs of the membership. Made up of a lot of people who are listening to what the hum of the membership is about and responding to those hums before they turn into yells.

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