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What software do you use for managing your membership and registrations?

Posted on December 22nd, 2009 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Susan Hawksworth, OLLI at California State University, Fresno. Asks OLLI:

What software are you using to manage your OLLI membership and registration information? Is it web-based or does the software reside on your own computer?

3 Responses to “What software do you use for managing your membership and registrations?”

  1. Hi Susan,
    We use Filemaker Pro 8.5, which is a server-based relational database.
    Our data is housed on a server at Brandeis that we can access from any on campus computer with Filemaker Pro software installed.

  2. We have purchased an online data base from Campus CE for both our OLLI program, our Community Ed program and other smaller non-credit programs on campus. It is working very well for Community Ed, but there are still some programming challenges to get it fully functional for OLLI. It is working very well as an administrative system for OLLI (staff do all the entry) and for credit card processing. What we haven’t implemented yet is self-service online registration - the programming for memberships, expirations, and our complicated rules around pricing are all still in the testing phase.

  3. We are also using CampusCE and feel like we have finally made it to the technology age! We are fortunate to be the primnary users of the system and have found it (and the incredible team that supports it) to be very very functonal for our unique OLLI pricing issues. Campus CE is fully hosted and won’t bog down or be bogged down by your campus’s IT services, runs fully through the internet. We went live with Campus CE in our back office on March 15th and Registration started for Spring term on March 15th. Besides the normal bumps and kinks with using a new registration system we eliminated an incredible amount of time, paper and postage because now all confirmations go through email! Dropping classes, switching classes are painless now. We will be going live in the fall for online registration and my staff can’t wait. Worth every penny we are spending, so much so that now other departments within Continuing Ed are thinking of adding their own storefronts which will help share the costs. Well worth a look!

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