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In which catalog does your OLLI list its classes?

Posted on October 12th, 2010 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Cathie Sanders, OLLI at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Asks OLLI:

Does your OLLI list its course offerings in their university or continuing education catalogs? Or are OLLI courses listed in an OLLI catalog only?

9 Responses to “In which catalog does your OLLI list its classes?”

  1. We don’t have an overall CE catalog. Each programming unit including Osher has its own catalog.

  2. We always have a full-age in our Extension catalog with information on OLLI and a coupon to request information. The full schedule is printed in our OLLI brochure/catalog and on the OLLI website which is linked to our continuing ed website.

  3. Our OLLI has it’s own catalog of classes.

  4. Our OLLI has it’s own catalog of classes. The brochure is also on Pacific’s website: (we are part of the Center for Professional & Continuing Education). We do not list our classes in any of CPCE’s catalogs.

  5. #5 by: Thom Clement

    OLLI at George Mason University is an independent 501 (c)(3) non profit, affiliated with the university but not a direct part of it. As such, we produce our own separate course catalog. It is also available in html and pdf formats online. We do not list courses in the George Mason catalog.

  6. Our own catalog, published and distributed twice a year (Fall semester, Winter and Spring semesters combined). OLLI is mentioned in the Extended University Catalog, but courses are not individually listed.

    Courses are also listed on our website of course,, which is cross listed with the Extended University website.

  7. Our OLLI has its own catalog. Although we highlight the program in each catalog that Extended University prints. We also list all courses and event on our website -

  8. We publish our own OLLI catalog. Our CE unit does not produce a print catalog and lists its classes in the University’s online schedule of classes.

  9. OLLI at California State University, Fullerton produces an OLLI class schedule each semester and this is the main document for marketing our classes. In addition, OLLI-CSUF produces a brochure each semester that promotes classes that are open to the public - in order to offer potential members an opportunity to try a class or two and find out what OLLI is all about. These brochures are distributed in the community by OLLI members. OLLI also has an ad in the Extended Education class schedule in order to highlight classes that are open to the public. OLLI classes are also listed on Recently, some classes were offered off-site in partnership with a city located about 20 miles from the university. These classes, which were open to the public, were promoted in the class schedule for that city’s recreation classes.

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