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Does your OLLI provide members with a member directory?

Posted on February 23rd, 2011 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Terry Aaronson, OLLI at Florida State University, Asks OLLI:

Does your OLLI provide members with a member directory that includes names, phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses of all its members?  If so, how is it distributed, i.e., snail mail?, email?, other?

11 Responses to “Does your OLLI provide members with a member directory?”

  1. We provide a member directory. Members must opt in to be included. In addition to contact info, if the member chooses we include a photo. We distribute through the classroom assistants at classes. We produce the directory using InDesign which allows a merge of the contact info and photos. If you’d like I can put you in touch with the person who does this for us.

  2. Each academic year, we prepare and mail a full membership roster, noting member’s name address, phone number & email address. This is something that members opt into, and most do. We also indicate that the roster is to be used only for communication with members and not to be circulated for any solicitation purposes. Every other year, we print a color photo roster, which is mailed to all of our workshop leaders for their use, while other members can pick up a copy in the office. As our numbers are growing, plans are being made to combine the two rosters for next year.

  3. We have a list with all the contact info you listed in the Member Only section of our website. People can opt out - so it’s interesting to me that Cathy and Janet’s programs “opt out”.

  4. Yes, we print a membership directory annually in February. This year it is a 40 page book. Besides our members’ names, addresses, phone number and email, it also includes important University, Interest Group, and Board information. Members can opt out of being included. We do put a disclaimer on it saying it is not to be used for commercial purposes. Our members really look forward to getting it. We don’t mail them out - they can pick one up at a monthly meeting or in our office.

  5. We’ve recently been informed by our Registrar that we must comply with FERPA laws, which means we can’t release information on participants. We are struggling with how to keep our friendly, connected feel while still complying with FERPA laws - anyone have any thoughts??

  6. No we do not provide a membership directory.

  7. The University of Arkansas does not.

  8. As Patricia indicated, sometimes university rules preclude sharing this information. There may be some options to do this within the frameworks of privacy rules. Are members asked to “opt in” (more restrictive) or “opt out”?
    Of course, in order to run a learning community of volunteers, you have to share some contact info! We restrict ourselves to telephone and email only.

  9. We chose opt-in so there wouldn’t be a chance a member wasn’t aware of their directory info being published and shared with other members. Unless a student opts out their info is published in the University’s main online directory but this is not friendly to members who may only know a person’s first name or just recognize their photo.

  10. No…we do not publish a member directory on account of privacy concerns. All email communication sent from the OLLI office is “blind.” I can report that based on anecdotal evidence our folks wouldn’t want to have their contact details “out there” for anyone to see/use.

    In addition, I observe that people become friendly in the context of classes, activities and events. They deepen their friendships based on mutual interests and other personal connections.

  11. We do not provide a member directory. We made the decision not to on cost basis as well as privacy concerns, even though we do ask people to check a block on the membership form if they do not wish their contact information shared with anyone. We do provide a membership directory - or list - to certain volunteers who will have to contact members for work or other purposes. We haven’t found that members ask for a directory and we also find that people make friends, develop community without it.

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