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Do you use a tagline or slogan in your OLLI’s marketing materials?

Posted on March 11th, 2011 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Do you use a tagline or slogan in your OLLI’s marketing materials?

Jennifer Patino, OLLI at Cal State University, Bakersfield, Asks OLLI:

Do you use a tagline or slogan in your OLLI’s marketing materials? We currently use “OLLI has something for everyone,” or “Education to fit your life,” and would like to know what other OLLIs are using.

12 Responses to “Do you use a tagline or slogan in your OLLI’s marketing materials?”

  1. At the University of Arkansas - we use, “For the joy of learning”

  2. At UNF OLLI, “Live well. Learn forever.”

  3. At the University of New Mexico, we use
    “Why Osher?
    Because Curiosity Has No Age Limit.”
    I borrowed this from another program early on but don’t remember who I should credit.

  4. “Join and continue this adventure called life!”

  5. #5 by: Lonnie Horn

    At UC Irvine (CA) we use “Exceptional learning for infinite minds”

  6. #6 by: Joan Gillis

    OLLI at Granite State College uses “Offering Stimulating courses for People 50+.” We’re not totally enamored of it and may re-visit at some point - perhaps shamelessly borrow from another OLLI.

  7. OLLI at California State University, Fullerton was founded as Continuing Learning Experience (CLE). In honor or our origins, we use “A Continuing Learning Experience.”

  8. #8 by: Lonnie Horn

    OLLI at UCI website is

    We use Snapfish for our photo gallery with a link on our website. We do not get permission to use photos. Most of our photos are candid shots of members participating in classes and events.

  9. OLLI@Pacific uses “Join us for the Time of Your Life!” and sometimes “where curiosity never retires.”

  10. OLLI at Towson University uses “Because Learning is a Lifelong Process.”

  11. “Indulge your intellect!”

  12. Where learning never retires…

    And in trying to get participtation from members: member led, member run.

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