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Do you have an OLLI membership survey to share?

Posted on March 30th, 2011 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Dee Aguilar, OLLI at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Asks OLLI:

Do you have an OLLI membership survey to share? I am developing a membership survey and would like to see samples of surveys used by other OLLIs. I am not looking for a sample class or instructor evaluation survey, but rather a general member survey asking members  for their feedback/opinion on items such as where they heard about OLLI, price, membership added values, website use, what members value most, what would make OLLI better. If you have a survey to share, please email it to Kyle at the National Resource Center,

3 Responses to “Do you have an OLLI membership survey to share?”

  1. How timely. we are in the midst of surveying current and lapsed members (the latter to also entice them to try us again. It is being done by 4 sociology undergrads as their capstone project (a win-win!). Write me if you want a copy of both surveys and the cover letters. The letter to former members makes a pitch for return to the flock.


  2. We have done a member satisfaction survey every other year for the past six years - so we have done three so far. Last time we sent it via Survey Monkey and it made things much easier. We have emails for about 75% of our members. We did send paper versions to those we did not have emails for and a student entered that data into Survey Monkey. Each time the majority of the questions are the same so we can analyze trends. But we also include a couple of “one time only” questions which gives us feedback on an important issue at that time. Since it was developed in Survey Monkey I really don’t have anything to email, but I’ll put a hard copy in the mail to Kyle. Or perhaps, I could email him a link to survey.

  3. Would love to see a copy of Jo Brownlie’s Survey.
    We have also done a major survey this past year for long range planning purposes. It was mailed as a hard copy, emailed to all members and printed in our monthly newsletter, The Chronicles. (I would have preferred to use Survey Monkey) A very good return; however, I felt the questions could and should have been more direct in some areas. If you are attending the Osher Conference, I’d love to meet you,if you could bring along a copy, or email it directly to me…Janet McLean, OLLI @Stony Brook University, New York ( Thanks so much.

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