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Does your OLLI have an indemnity waiver for classes and/or field trips?

Posted on May 20th, 2011 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Terry Aaronson, OLLI at Florida State University, Asks OLLI:

Does your OLLI have an indemnity waiver for classes and/or field trips?  If so, where does the waiver appear?  On a general brochure, registration form, website, etc.?

9 Responses to “Does your OLLI have an indemnity waiver for classes and/or field trips?”

  1. The OLLI at the University of Kentucky uses a risk release form for courses and programs with substantial physicial activity. The form is available online and also provided in hardcopy to all who register. Some of our host organizations (space providers) also require their own risk release, and we work with them to ensure it is used. We do enforce the use of the release.

    Be very careful about using someone else’s solution. Issues related to liability, risk, indemnification,releases/waivers/communication of them, etc. can vary substantially depending on the OLLI’s legal relationship to the educational institution, whether the educational institution is state or private, and on the state in which you are located.

  2. Hi Terry, our indemnity waiver is online at We require that Osher members complete this form for any program that is off-campus i.e. hikes, trips, etc. Hope this helps!

  3. OLLI@Stony Brook, a state university in Long Island, New York uses a waiver that was created by the University legal counsel specific to our program. It covers members while on trips or at Special Events. This is on our membership form and its completion is required with membership payment and registration.

  4. UNF OLLI also uses a waiver created by University legal counsel. Counsel has also advised on other waivers when different risks are presented (e.g. wood carving class).

    Some members bristle because most of the waivers are designed for the traditional student. Most other OLLI student - when informed about why - are happy to comply.

  5. #5 by: Joan Gillis

    OLLI at Granite State College does not have a waiver for classes, but does have one specific to any trip (day) that our members take. The waiver, created by USNH legal, is sent to them in a confirmation packet and must be returned within a specific time frame.

  6. The University of Utah uses a form for specific activities. It is the same form all of Continuing Education uses. I believe it was written with the help of Risk Management and approved by them.

  7. OLLI at Furman has a form that is signed by all people that take our classes. It is much easier to ensure that all sign the form through our new online registration program. You can’t get through check out without electronically signing off that you have read the form! We have the waiver printed in our course catalog each term with a place on the registration form for people to sign that they have read the waiver. Any exercise/hiking classes have an additional form that we obtained from our Physical Activites Center (aka the campus gym that members can join) that must be completed and signed by a physician. At least once an academic year we have had members go to get their form signed by their doctor and something has been found by the doctor (tumor, heart murmur, high cholestrol, anemic).

  8. OLLI at Brandeis developed a form early in the program when our Adventurer’s (day trips) group formed with the assistance of the University Counsel. It is very simple and has worked well for years for this group and many other activities we do. Members who sign up for a trip are given a form to complete. It is in our Member Handbook as well.

  9. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Delaware includes on the Registration Form the waiver and a required signature. Recently authorization for use of image and/or voice has been added. “I understand that the University of Delaware, its Trustees, employees and agents have no legal responsibility for my physical welfare while I am a member of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institue at the University of Delaware in Wilmington or a participant of any program-sponsored trip. I, therefore, agree to hold the University of Delaware, its Trustees, employees and agents harmless for any claims for personal injury or damage arising out of my association with the program. I also authorize the University of Delaware to record and photograph my image and/or voice, for use by the University or assignees in educational and promotional programs and material.”

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