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Does your OLLI have membership cards?

Posted on June 10th, 2011 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Jennifer Patino, OLLI at California State University, Bakersfield, Asks OLLI:

I am thinking about creating OLLI membership cards for our members. Has any other OLLI done this? As each OLLI is unique, what were your particular considerations when creating your membership cards?

8 Responses to “Does your OLLI have membership cards?”

  1. OLLI at UNM issues a card to members at annual registration. UNM Alumni receive some additional OLLI benefits so it’s a different card for them. For any of the OLLI benefits accessed on the main campus or in the community, members must show the membership card.

  2. We do.
    We kept it simple. Our membership fees are by semester, so we created an inexpensive card. The Id card reminds students that they belong to something larger than just attending lifelong learning classes. It can also be used by our members to present at events where they get discounts for being an OLLI member.

    The card is printed on Avery business card size stock with the OLLI at ASU logo. There is a place for the members name and a place for the semester.
    That’s it and it seems to suffice just fine.

    Good luck with your card!
    Karla Burkhart, Coordinator
    OLLI at ASU

  3. We do produce membership cards for our members. Their cards (with a valid membership expiration date) not only provide discounts for events and university facilities but also allow borrowing privileges at the University’s library.

    We are looking into developing a double sided card with the recto being their membership card and the verso being their permanent name tag. That method will require lanyards but we’re looking into UNF OLLI branded lanyards that would be in a new member welcome package.

  4. OLLI @ Stony Brook on Long Island NY, has photo id cards, issued by the University. They can use these for discounts at events, university facilities and some use them in NYC to get the ” student rate” at museums, if they can get away with proving they are in fact students. The cards do have the magnetic strip on the back which allows them to add money to the card and use it for purchases at the bookstore and campus restaurants, without paying tax. I’d love them to wear them on SBU lanyards, but they hate name tags, so, I love Jeannete’s idea of adding them to the new member welcome package. Thanks for that great tip!

  5. We also have a card with a magnetic strip on the back. They can add money to the card for purchases throughout campus. For an annual charge of $100, they can also have the card activated and be able to enter the SVSU Fitness Center. They put that card inside a lanyard when they attend our monthly meetings. They aren’t inexpensive, but it’s a nice membership benefit. Of course, we often have to do replacement cards. The vendor is Oberthur.

  6. like Stony Brook and UNM, UR issues Osher members the same ID cards as the regular credit students get, and these are used as library cards and for ID to get Osher member discount at Modlin performing arts center, and at retailers that give ’student’ discounts. The Osher members are set up in the UR network (Banner) with privileges very close to regular credit students - - a very generous in kind gift from our host institution!

  7. We pay a small fee for our action card office to com over to our building at the beginning of the semester - normally during open house or preview night, etc.. The make the id cards at that moment. The action card is free to the member and they are used to access the library, some events on campus and discounts. Most of our members are over 55 so they already receive discounts at most of the locations offered by The University. They do appreciate having the close connection with The University.

  8. Yes, our members have a membership card. The University office that does student cards does our’s as well. Students’ card, of course, have photos etc.

    Our are simple. They have a photograph of “the castle” on the Brandeis campus, it says OLLI at Brandeis and the member’s name.

    This card becomes the library card and it’s what our members use to get discounts on campus and off, e.g., theatres in the area give discounts to students and these cards are effective.

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