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Does your OLLI have a mission statement?

Posted on July 15th, 2011 by Anne Cardale, OLLI National Resource Center

Andrea Sisino, OLLI at University of South Carolina, Beaufort, Asks OLLI:

Does your OLLI have a mission statement? If so, would you post it on Ask OLLI in  reply to this post?

10 Responses to “Does your OLLI have a mission statement?”

  1. Hello, at UNF OLLI:

    “The mission of OLLI is to provide educational and social opportunities to people 50 years of age and above in order that they might grow intellectually, socially and culturally in a climate of friendship and mutual sharing of ideas and life experiences.”

    The vision is:

    “UNF OLLI shall be the premier community of adult learners in Northeast Florida.”

  2. #2 by: Thom Clement

    OLLI@George Mason University Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Institute is to offer to its members learning opportunities in a stimulating environment in which adults can:

    - share their talents, experiences and skills,
    - explore new interests;
    - discover and develop latent abilities,
    - engage in intellectual and cultural pursuits, and
    - socialize with others of similar interests.

  3. The vision of the OLLI at Furman is to add “life to the years” of mature adults by (a) fostering intellectual growth and enrichment through a rich offering of courses, seminars, trips, and other group activities and (b) conducting theses activities in such a way as to also provide an enriching social climate, allowing participants to expand the size and diversity of their social networks.

  4. Here’s mission and values for UR OLLI

    Our mission is to be a community
    of mature lifelong learners engaging
    in stimulating and fun learning activities
    in an academic setting.
    We value
    • the shared knowledge and talents
    of our members
    • the support of our members for
    the Osher Institute
    • a spirit of collaboration and respect
    among Osher members and with the
    University of Richmond
    • the diversity of our members that
    enhances learning opportunities

  5. OLLi at UNL has developed the following:
    OLLI Mission Statement
    To promote lifelong learning by providing stimulating, congenial, and varied opportunities designed specifically for lifelong learners, primarily those 50 years and older.
    Vision Statement:
    OLLI will be a vital, diverse member-driven organization committed to being a leading community of adult learners
    Value Statements:
    We value:
    1. Excellence in all aspects of the life of OLLI;
    2. Innovation, creativity and curiosity to develop and maintain a vibrant, diverse member-driven program;
    3. Respect for diverse people, ideas, voices, and perspectives where all members feel valued;
    4. Working together to positively impact every part of OLLI;
    5. Partnering with people in the community to support the mission and vision of OLLI.

    Hope this might help.

  6. #6 by: Millie Lynch

    Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (“Osher,” formerly, “A.L.L.”) seeks to provide a variety of challenging learning opportunities for adult area residents from diverse backgrounds in an environment that fosters meaningful exchange and engenders a global perspective.

  7. To support SVSU’s mission of providing intellectual, cultural, and social opportunities that enrich the lives of people age 50 and over.


    BOLLI is a member-driven learning community whose purpose is to provide members with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of principally peer-led educational opportunities. BOLLI programs should be intellectually stimulating and conducted in an environment intended to foster member participation and to promote learning, communication and a sense of community. These opportunities are offered through such formats as courses, classes, seminars, forums, conferences, workshops and field trips.

  9. Go to
    Look under FAQ

    Ann Tai
    Program Coordinator
    OLLI at the Univ. of MI, Ann Arbor

  10. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Delaware in Wilmington provides opportunities for intellectual development, cultural stimulation, personal growth and social interaction in an academic cooperative run by its members who volunteer their time and talents. The objectives of this academic cooperative are supported by the efforts and participation of its members. The program is centered on classes developed and led by fellow members.

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